This is a list of (almost) never asked questions about my readings.

  1. How fast do you read?
    I read about 150 words per minute (wpm) per this website.

  2. Where do you get the money to buy the books?
    Good question. Mostly from freelancing, and saving up from my coffee allowance. Also, Kindle books are much cheaper as compared to paperbacks or hardcovers. Read “You should get a Kindle”. You can also gift me one of these books if you’re feeling particularly generous.

  3. What do you do after you read a book?
    Once I’m done with a book, I email a copy of my Kindle highlights to myself. I then write book notes based on these highlights, if I don’t feel lazy doing it. It’s better than just highlighting lines and then not going back to them later. These helps me retain more of what I read, and makes me knowledgable on issues. Not an expert or anything, just enough to make sense of discussions. You should read my Life Philosophy.

  4. Where are the book notes?
    They are here.