Reflects my views as of 25 May, 2024.

You should read “Reang’s advice for doing well in life”.

This is a constantly evolving page to remind the reader and myself what I think about life in the broadest sense and what I try to live by.

I wish to understand the ways of the world, how it functions, why certain things happen the way they do, and what role I can play to make it a better place. I wish to be kind to everyone I come across and leave behind a better world for my grandchildren.

To live a life filled with love, autonomy, and dignity is the ultimate goal.

I have not figured out everything, quite far from it. Some of my ambitions and choices could be contradictory; I’m aware of that.

However, in the broadest sense, I would love to live a meaningful life in which I can impact many people’s lives and contribute to the planet’s well-being.

Let’s see what kind of a life I’ll live.

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