Reflects my views as of 4:39 on Oct 26, 2020.

“Nobody gives a damn about what you think.”

If I could give you one piece of advice, it would be that line. For a longer and well thought out article, read “Reang’s advice for doing well in life”. I’m high right now, high on tea. Naturally, it follows that I think about the more profound questions and reason a rational conclusion to myself. I don’t know what purpose it serves you, but you might as well read the damn thing since you are here.

The constant bombardment of information consumes too many of us. We take part in countless forums and argue pointlessly, on and on about things that may or may not be relevant to us. Even the person with the least expertise in a field will weigh in his two cents should the opportunity present itself. Everyone is an expert on something, so long as other people are acting as experts on the topic. Noobs. :stuck_out_tongue:

The truth is that your opinion does not matter as much as you think. Social media forums thrive by making you feel necessary. Frankly, nobody gives a damn about what you have to say. A few replies and reacts might make you feel like you’re important but trust me, nothing you say matters.

So, what do you do? Stop complaining about anything and everything and move on as if nothing affects you? Or take part in these forums actively and continue spreading your “awareness” or, more appropriately, comment-writing spree?

Look, man! The Earth’s mass and the time it takes to go around the Sun will have changed $\approx 0$ after you hit that damn enter/post button. You get what I’m saying? Nobody cares. You could shout in the market tomorrow morning, saying, “I got 69 haha reacts, and blah blah.” Nothing will change, people would carry on with their lives, the Earth shall continue its course, and you’d have lost a few calories. That’s it.

So, instead, go and do something better. Maybe become an expert on battery technology and accelerate our adoption of renewable energy. Study about how social media ads can swing elections, run in actual elections, and bring legislation on issues that you care about deeply, go out and vote! There are too many things that threaten our existence; try and solve any/all of these. You might even get paid/awarded for that.

So, where do I stand on this? If it’s not yet apparent, I don’t care much about anything, to be brutally honest. Life already sucks. On top of that, I don’t think I have the expertise to weigh in on issues. And frankly, I’d instead use my time for something else – getting enough sleep, walking around my neighborhood, eating good food, etc.

Once I become an expert in some field, I’ll let you know. You can attend my talks and read the literature I put out on essential issues. Right now, even if you tell me $2+2=5$ or that the Earth is flat, I’m too tired to bother. I’ll gladly agree with whatever you have to say, so long as it’s not threatening my existence.

Does that mean I’ll stop writing here? No! I love writing. It makes me happy and lets me express myself as a person. Moreover, I need a medium of thinking in English. Writing here helps me do so. But, from now on, I shall mostly post writings that I deem worthy of your time. How do I decide what’s decent? Well, I’m the owner of the site. Deal with it!

Like I said, I’m a little high on tea. I don’t see any reasonable reconciliation to the above dilemma. Let me know if you have anything to say about this. You can fill up this form, if you wish to stay anonymous. Otherwise, you can write an email to me at hi[at]

Having read up to this point, your rational mind might think, “Wait a minute! Then who cares about your half-baked philosophy?” That’s a great question and an important one. Just think about why you are here, reading this page. Go do something else. Be an expert on something and then talk to other experts in the field. That way, humanity will make remarkable progress. Even the dumbest person on the internet will have something to say on every damn thing.

You can’t blame me for wasting your time. Why would you even visit this page if you got something better to do? You dumb son-of-a-human, since you have reached this far, continue reading until the end. Let’s get high on thoughts together.

To conclude, I’ll just quote a professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at IIT Kanpur, who got incredibly pissed with a student continually staring at his phone during a tutorial session. He said, “Nobody cares about what you say on Facebook. Someone as bright a child as you should not be doing those. Everyone posts something or the other on Facebook. That’s not why you’re at IIT.” Need I say more?

Go do something useful, dumbass.