👋🏻 Debashish Reang

  1. I'm a final-year undergrad at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur studying Electrical Engineering.

  2. I'm currently working towards obtaining a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering by June 2021. You may read what I'm doing now.

🤷🏻 interests

I'm interested in way too many things including but not limited to Computational Biology, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Economics, and Education, among other things. I hope to narrow down my interests over the next few years.

Résumé & CVs: Sept., 2020, Current

🎷 sidekicks

In my free time, I read, write and teach on YouTube. If you love my work, please consider supporting me. You should read my book notes here. Also read this page on coffee.

🧚 say hi

I love meeting new people, and am always open to collaboration. Please read this before contacting me.

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📠 Fun facts

  • You'll (almost) always find me in black jeans and solid black t-shirt. There is no particular reason for it, I just like it. When I really feel like switching things up, I switch to blue t-shirt and black jeans. 👘
  • I can sing a few songs, but you probably won't hear me singing around. 🎼
  • I love standup comedy. Hasan Minhaj is my favourite comedian. 🎭
  • I love Taylor Swift. She is the queen, no arguments on that! 🎼
  • I love bicycle rides. It's the best thing in the world. 🚴
  • I love the smell of new books. No matter how much anyone tells me about the upside of getting an eBook, I try to get paperbacks whenever possible. You can find my readings here. Update: I love my Kindle more now. You should get a Kindle. 📚
  • Here is my bucket list. Here is a list of courses that I took at IIT Kanpur.
  • This is what I look like:

"When life itself is lunatic, who knows where the madness lies?"
— Tara Westover