Debashish Reang

  1. I'm a final-year undergrad at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur studying Electrical Engineering.

  2. I'm currently working towards obtaining a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering by June 2021.


I'm interested in way too many things including but not limited to Computational Biology, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Economics, and Education, among other things. I hope to narrow down my interests over the next few years.


Previously, I worked with Prof. Preeti Malakar in the Parallel Computing Lab on High Performance Computing, did an undergraduate project with Prof. Vipul Arora on Machine Learning for Physics. I also had a short stint as a software developer, working on's post recommendation system with Prof. Nitin Gupta.

Résumé & CVs: Sept., 2020, Current


In my free time, I read, write and teach on YouTube. I aim to create a beautiful corner of the web devoid of popups, and other annoying stuff that has become so common on the internet. If you love my work, please consider supporting me.


I love meeting new people, and am always open to collaboration. Please read this before contacting me.

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LATEST NOTE # Nov 4, 2020

what is life? what is society? what is family? in the end, does it really matter what any of these represent?