• I am blunt, and hence you should be as straightforward as possible when trying to tell/ask me something.
  • Once I start talking I almost cannot stop unless you explicitly ask me to or I run out words. Warning: I almost always never run out of words.
  • I believe your time is valuable, so is mine. Hence, if we do not know each other very well I would prefer to-the-point conversation. Thanks!


Email: hi{at}reangdeba{dot}xyz. I think this is the best way to get in touch if we’ve not met before. I check my inbox everyday and respond to all emails. I mean it, I reply to all. There are however, a few exceptions:

  • I cannot help you get into IITs or any college for that matter. So, please do not ask about stuff that are beyond my capabilities. I am as clueless as you are. :smile:

Social Media

  • 🐦 Twitter: I open Twitter (@reangdeba) more often than not. Say hi! I try to reply to everyone.
  • 👍 Facebook: My username is @reangdeba. I’m not active on Facebook.
  • 📸 Instagram: I am on Instagram as @reangdeba_. I don’t usually message people on Instagram, so I might not reply to your texts as well. But, feel free to follow if you like my posts. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  • 💼 LinkedIn: I do read LinkedIn (@reangdeba) messages, but very rarely. How rare? umm, about once a month.

tl;dr: Follow me on social media but email is best for reaching out to me.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


  • :coffee: You might find me at CCD if you’re on campus. I love meeting up with people in real life. If you happen to be a family member or related to a family member in some way, I’ll be happy to buy you coffee. I usually go there in between classes and after 6 PM on most weekdays.
  • If you’re not on campus, the probability of you running into me is almost zero, since I rarely go out!
  • You might also find me in Hall 5. But, please let me know if you plan on showing up on my doorstep.
  • If you don’t find me in those places, I’m probably asleep in KD Ground Floor Lab.
  • If you still don't find me I'm probably dead.

In conclusion don’t be mad at me if I don’t get back to you. I would love to have more friends in my life. If you think you are as crazy as I am we can certainly be friends. Just send me an email.