My views on Communication

  • I am really bad at small talk. If we are not friends, I might take days to reply to you.
  • Life is too short to be manipulating each other. I love clear, straightforward communication.
  • I am trying to be less responsive to DMs.


Email: hi{at}reangdeba{dot}xyz. I think this is the best way to get in touch if we don’t know each other well. There are however, a few exceptions:

  • If we’re friends, you can call me anytime. Unknown calls get silenced anyway.

Please Don't Just Say Hello. Instead of waiting for me to reply just 'hi', write whatever query you have so that when I see your message, I don't have to wait for your query. Instead, I can think about your questions and respond more precisely, if you give me a heads up. Read this.

Social Media

  • 🐦 Twitter: I tweet now and then (@reangdeba). I’m trying to spend less time on the platform. My DMs are closed to people I don’t follow, so please email me in case you need to talk about something.
  • 👍 Facebook: I’m not on Facebook.
  • 📸 Instagram: I am on Instagram as @reangdeba_. Unless we are already talking/I know you, your message will go to message requests. Please send an email instead. I’m trying to reduce my Instagram usage. I just post stories, posts, and log off.
  • 💼 LinkedIn: I’m on LinkedIn (@reangdeba). I don’t read messages on LinkedIn often, send emails instead!
  • I’m on a lot of other social media platforms too, mainly for trying out these (newer) platforms but I don’t check them often. In any case, I mostly post links to stuff I create.

tl;dr: Follow me on social media but email is best for reaching out to me.

Where does all my time go?

Honestly, I’m usually working on several things at any given time, in addition to having a full-time job. Almost half the day goes in the job, and then I play badminton, tutor my sister, and work on a few side projects.

You can learn about my current set of priorities here. That leaves me hardly with any free time. And I need to catch up on sleep too.

Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m spending too much time talking to people who do not mean much to me. I intend to change that. I talk to people I care about on WhatsApp or Signal. Everything else is a medium for me to share things I create – stories about cafes I’ve been to, essays, the newsletter, and maybe a YouTube video now and then.

To use a common term, I intend to steer clear of “kalesh” as much as possible. Communicating directly, and effectively without getting manipulated or manipulating others. I think life is too short for that. I’d rather spend my time talking to people who mean something to me, read a good book, learn about the world around me, have a cup of coffee, or sleep.

Reflects my views as on 28 Jan 2024.

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