Here are some other things of interest, in no particular:
* You’ll (almost) always find me in black jeans and solid black t-shirt. There is no particular reason for it, I just like it. When I really feel like switching things up, I switches to blue t-shirt and black jeans. 👘
* I can sing a few songs, but you probably won’t hear me singing around. 🎼
* I love stand up comedy. Hasan Minhaj is my favourite comedian. 🎭
* I love Taylor Swift. She is the queen, no arguments on that! 🎼
* I love bicycle rides. It’s the best thing in the world. 🚴
* I love the smell of new books. No matter how much anyone tells me about the upside of getting an eBook, I try to get paperbacks whenever possible. You can find my readings here. Update: I love my Kindle more now. You should get a Kindle. 📚

I love dancing to ‘Sadi Gali’ and ‘London Thumakda’.💃 And I’m hooked to anything that has the word ‘chocolate’ in it. 🍫

“When life itself is lunatic, who knows where the madness lies?”
— Tara Westover

Here is my bucket list. Here is a list of courses that I took at IIT Kanpur.

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I participate on Twitter and Instagram these days. Go say hi!

I’m best reached by email. My email address is hi{at} Please consider reading communication.

I’m always open to interesting conversation and collaboration. If you are at IIT Kanpur and wish to meet up, coffee is on me. No questions asked. Let’s have coffee?

What’s with the emojis?
Umm, I love emojis. I think they are beautiful and can cheer people up. They also help in getting your point across better as compared to using only words to communicate. You’ll find lots of ‘em on this site. What’s your favourite emoji? Mine is 🍫

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