by Blake Pierce

Ratings: 9/10

I picked up the book for free during Amazon Kindle eBooks giveaway or something. I don’t recall what it was exactly, but the point is that I got it for free.

That said, I should say the book was an exciting read. The book narrates a husband and wife’s story and how things can go horribly wrong if not attended to properly.

The husband wanted to have an open relationship. But Jessie doesn’t consent to swing partners. Besides, she happens to have been abused as a child.

Her father is a serial killer and killed his wife right in front of his daughter’s eyes. Jessie would run away and go on to become an intelligent yet troubled investigator.

At some point, a Ukrainian waitress gets killed for no apparent reason. The husband drugs Jessie and, in the process, kills his own child. Oh, I forgot to tell you that Jessie was pregnant. What a twist, isn’t it?

Overall, a pretty good book for a free book. You should read it. Although I loved the book, I don’t think I’m going to read the rest of the series. Why? Because the world has more pressing problems like climate change, poverty, and pandemics. I should read and do something about them.

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