I think I should have gone to New Zealand instead of coming to this place. However, it seems like it is too late now, and I have to live like this. FML.

A few weeks ago, I wrote an essay saying I’m Going to IIM Bangalore. I also wrote a LinkedIn post announcing my excitement about going to Bangalore. So, what changed? Quite a few things, actually. This article is an attempt to summarize the thought process behind the switch. It is written more for me to think more clearly and understand what’s going on. Hence, it might not be as beneficial to the reader as it is for me. I’ll also try to include some fun experiences that I had along the way.

Like I said in a previous post, I applied to IIMA and IIMB only during CAT 2020. I’m happy to inform you that I got accepted into both 1 by some stroke of fortune. Over the last few weeks, I have talked to quite a few people about choosing IIMB over IIMA and vice-versa. This includes people who have left IIMA and decided to enroll at IIMB this year and seniors who studied at IIMA. Everyone had a few points for preferring one over the other. Of course, it is up to me to choose what works best for me at the end of the day. I’ll list a few points for both the institutes 2.


  • The climate is mild and pleasant overall.
  • The academics is not as academically rigorous as IIMA.
  • A decent work-life balance (per above).
  • IIM Bangalore has a better city life than IIM Ahmedabad.


  • Has more number of collaborations for double-degree program.
  • The PGP program is academically rigorous, but so was the B.Tech. in EE.
  • The alumni network is more extensive than IIMB’s.
  • Policies regarding placements, fee refunds, etc., are more liberal.

I could probably list a few more points for and against both the institutes. But, in terms of opportunities, there are virtually no differences between the two. Both are some of the best institutes in the country and even the world. Weirdly, that makes choosing one over the other even harder.

So, why did I decide to leave IIMB for IIMA? If you have read the previous post, you would know how I think or at least have some sense of it. I had virtually no preference for one over the other; that’s why I applied to them both. But, a few different factors affected my decision:

  • Double degree. If I end up not going abroad for an MS in CS, I would love to do a double-degree with an IIMA partner institution. Update. I’m actually going on a dual-degree exchange to WU Vienna! :tada:
  • Taylor Swift. The interview of IIMA was much more fun than that of IIMB’s. This is not a significant thing but one that matters to me to an extent. Sure, I would love to hustle in life, but I would also not want to give up on loves like Taylor Swift.

Read: My IIM Ahmedabad Interview Experience.


  1. I was initially waitlisted at IIMA, hence this late post. 

  2. These are very subjective and by no means should be the significant factors in choosing colleges if you are in a similar position. 

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