Okay so, I got bitten by a dog. I never imagined such a tragedy would happen to me, but thanks to IIMA, that also happened. This article is an attempt to narrate what happened that night and what happened afterwards.


I live on the new campus. I went to a friend’s place who lives on the old campus. I had skipped having dinner in the mess that night, and so I ordered a burger and a few chicken nuggets for dinner. Since it was getting late at night, I decided to head back to my dorm with the leftover burger in my hand.

Two dogs were sleeping on the way, and I tried to quietly pass by them. For some reason, one of them barked at me. My natural reaction was to face that dog. But while I was doing so, the second dog came behind me and bit me on my thigh. I felt a sharp pain but did not stop there. I discarded the burger in a nearby dustbin. After that, for some reason, a third dog started coming towards me. Now I was all alone and against three dogs who looked determined to tear me apart.

Fortunately, a guy came to my rescue. He was returning to his dorm after playing badminton. He had the racquet in his hand, and he chased the dogs away. If it were not for him, I don’t know what would have happened.


Well, I felt a sharp pain on my thigh, but I did not think there was any bleeding because I had my jeans on, and the dog bit through the jeans. I was wrong, as my friends soon confirmed that it is indeed bleeding, if not profusely. They took me to a nearby hospital, where I got vaccinated with an anti-rabies vaccine and a tetanus shot. I still have one dose of the vaccine left to take!

It is worth noting that the security at the gate was not helpful at all. They kept asking for our details and kept calling here and there when they could clearly see it was a medical emergency.

I had a slight fever due to the vaccination when I came back to my room. I was naturally disappointed (read mad) at the administration. I wrote a long email to the internal email list. I can’t reproduce the email here, but it had a mixed response. I think it had to be said.

Of course, the email did not do anything because, frankly, I don’t think the administration here cares about it all that much. The dogs are still roaming freely, giving me stares every time I pass by them. It is only a matter of time before someone else emails about getting a dog bite.

I think I should have gone to New Zealand instead of coming to this place. However, it seems like it is too late now, and I have to live like this. FML. So, yeah.

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