Updated: 11 Sep 2022, 02:14 IST, from IIMA, India.

Here is a list of the most common questions that people ask me. How common is common? Anything $>1$ time is common.

Where are you from? Are you Indian?
I’m from Tripura. Yes, I am a proud citizen of this great nation. No, I’m not from South Korea, Bhutan, Nepal or China.

Is Tripura in India?
Yes. Tripura joined the Indian Union in 1949, and has remained an integral part of India since.

Can you help me get into IIMA?
I don’t know. Read Confession of a so-called CAT expert.

Will you review my CV?
If you are at IIMA: Send me an email from your IIMA email address; we’ll work something out.
IITK folks: I am sorry, I have left engineering a while ago. You would be better off seeking someone else’s help.
Others: I’m sorry.

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