HRM-I: Human Resource Management-I
ME: Microeconomics
LAB: Legal Aspects of Business
FRA: Financial Reporting and Analysis
ID: Individual Dynamics
MGRCMP: Managerial Computing
QM-1a: Quantitative Methods-1a
FM: Financial Markets
MGRCMN: Managerial Communication
MKT-I: Marketing I
OM-I: Operations Management I
QM-1b: Quantitative Methods-1b

CCS: Costing and Control Systems
FM: Financial Markets
HRM-II: Human Resources Management II
IGP: Interpersonal Group Processes
TBIT: Transforming Business through Information Technology
MEP: Macroeconomics and Policy
MKT-II: Marketing II
OM-II: Operations Management II
PCE: Personal and Corporate Ethics
QM-2: Quantitative Methods 2
SCEB: The Social and Cultural Environment of Business
WIP: Workshop on Interviews and Presentations
WAC-I: Written Analysis and Communication I