This is a work in progress.

As of this writing, I’m 21 years old. I still have a lot to learn and am constantly struggling everyday trying to make sense of what life throws at me. I feel however, that I can offer a few words of advice to younger students if they wish to do well in life. Most of these have been tested for many years of my life and produced satisfactory results for me. Also, a few of the points might be more suited to Indian kids than others. Read on and see what makes sense for you.

12-18 years:

  • Read a lot. Take time out to read books. I don’t mean just textbooks but various kinds of literature. You’ll know a thing or two about most things and would have a vague sense about what you like and what you find boring. A few examples of texts you can read include your textbooks, novels, atlas of the world, books on morality and ethics etc. The point is not to master the subjects but read for fun, your worldview would change so much and you’ll get fresh perspectives.

  • Sleep well. I cannot stress this enough. I wish I slept more hours during these years. Once you get into college, you will not have time to sleep on most days. Take care of your health, go out and play and don’t be afraid to break things. Fiddle around with anything you find around you.

  • Self-teaching. Teach yourself the ability to learn new things on your own. I cannot stress this enough. At some point in the future the society will stop ‘spoon-feeding’ you. It is best if you develop the ability to consume knowledge on your own. Of course, you will face hurdles along the way, and that is okay. But, you should try to tackle it on your own first before reaching out for help. This leads me to my next point.

  • Make friends. Be friends with people who may or may not think like you. It’s not even necessary that you be interested in the same thing. Having a varied friend circle will give you different opinion on things and they might even explain a few hard things to you.

  • Have fun. Amidst all the hustle, remember to have fun often. Of course, you should be focussed on your work but it is important that you have fun and socialise with other people. You’ll be a much better person overall and learn to appreciate the brief happy moments of life before life starts to take a toll on you.

  • Live away from home. If possible try to live away from home for a year or two before heading to college. This will broaden your perspectives and allow you to be friends with people from all walks of life. You will also learn to be in-charge of things. This makes one a much better person, who takes responsibility for the good and the bad.

  • Peer pressure. You will come across all sorts of people as you grow up. You might think some are doing extremely well as compared to you and be stressed out about it. Don’t be stressed out at all. You have to realise that there is no point in comparing yourself to your peers. Everyone is eventually going to take a different walk and it doesn’t matter who’s ahead or behind. All it matters is that you are there till the end to finish the walk.

18-26 years: I’ll write about this when I’m 30 or so, keep watching this space for updates.