It appears that some time has passed since my last article (a few months!). Since then, I have:

  • Started my classes at IIM Ahmedabad
  • Wrote my midterms here at IIMA
    • I’m posting an essay on this experience soon
  • Got hospitalised because of dengue fever (life was getting too boring)
  • Met a bunch of smart people
  • Started playing badminton (got hit in the eye, meh!)
  • Fell in love with microeconomics
    • CGPA permitting, I’m thinking of getting a PhD in Econ!
  • Lost touch with a bunch of things dear to me
    • Most people from IITK
    • Writing for this blog
    • Reading (non-academic) books

Anyway, so I’ll try to write regularly from now on. I try to do my best for the fans. :wink:

Let me know what all I should write about. Be sure to leave comments.

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