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Here’s what a few readers said about me:

“i found the link to your site through the you-tube video you recently shared(btw-really nicely done)Going through this site really made my day. I don’t know what it is ,but there is something about it. I mean …i don’t even know why i am filling this form lol. But just wanted to maybe say,really nice work man !! PS- Good luck on that bucket list :-)”

“How can u be so good. I just stalked ur fb n read kuch kuch about u and now I kind of admire u….I wish kabhi mil paati ya kuch baat kr paati aap jaise super talented insaan se…but I don’t have anything to ask or talk😥…but ya…u r just awesome.”

“Reang rants on IITK. Great. Nicely written points. I will forward your post to the director.”

“Would just like to say that your Article on IITK was pretty accurate. Nice Work.”

“Y19 here. I would love to meet you if we are lucky enough to be in campus next semester. And btw I agree with you. Writing on topics in forums, posts, comment replies, etc. is of no use. The way your content is different is because it is your hobby to write and you are not seeking a validation from people’s reacts on social media. For your, writing is a way of expressing yourself and also honing your craft through it. I sometimes write in my diary and it extends to 5-6 pages sometimes and helps me with my thoughts. :)”