This is the 8th of a series of posts as a part of my daily blogging journey. The goal is simple – write and post daily for as long as I can or $\geq 60$ days. Longer articles have been moved to “Essays”. To receive updates as and when I post something new, make sure you subscribe to my newsletter. Without further ado, let’s get started.

I have a buymeacoffee page. What is it? Well, it is a way for you to support me if you like my writings. You can click on the cup icon that’s on your screen, like the one in the photo below. Optionally, you can go to my buymeacoffee page and see for yourself.

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Why buymeacoffee? There is no specific reason as such. I just liked their widgets and the ability to accept others’ gratitude. To add icing on the cake, they now support UPI payments, and payments in Indian Rupee. The platform also allows you to support me monthly or yearly, so that you don’t have to worry about making transactions every time.

There is also a downside however. The platform charges a small fee (about INR 30, which is substantial where I come from, lol) for processing the transactions. However, I think that is okay. You can check out this page for alternative ways to show your support. It is up to you to choose whichever you prefer to.

Any article that I ever write, any video lessons that I ever produce will all be free, forever, for everyone. This site and the video lessons will never have any ads. I think a major chunk of the internet has become overridden with annoying ads. Since I do not like the ads myself, I see no point in displaying ads to you either. I would however appreciate your support if you are able to. Your support helps me worry about things like climate change, fighting poverty, produce YouTube lessons, and in general boost my productivity instead of having to think about how I’ll keep myself alive.

Thanks for reading this post, and thank you in advance for your support. You might like reading my book notes. You should email me or send a DM on Twitter if you have book recommendation for me.

Stay safe! Wear a mask for your safety and of those around you. Take care.

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