This is the third of a series of posts as a part of my daily blogging journey. The goal is simple – write and post daily for as long as I can or $\geq 60$ days. Longer articles have been moved to “Essays”. To receive updates as and when I post something new, make sure you subscribe to my newsletter. Without further ado, let’s get started.

I’ll talk about the history of tiles today. Yes, I’m gonna talk about the ceramic square structures that’s used to cover up ceilings, floors, walls and what not. Why on Earth? Well, just read on.

First, some history. Turns out tiles are one of the oldest things in history. I’m surpised af myself. Apparently, the tiles that we know date back to as early as 4700 B.C. (no pun intended) (1). That is so old. I can’t imagine how old that is. So, next I just searched for tiles on Wikipedia and found a bunch of interesting photos.

Imam Mosque by Amir.jpg

Let me now explain why I decided to write about tiles. As is common for college seniors to do, I slept late last night and naturally was supposed to wake up late this morning. But, that did not happen unfortunately. Sure, I slept late but the master plan to wake up late failed miserably. The chances of that happening are slim with the classes being online and with no parent to supervise my sleep cycle. For some reason, the landlady decided that February is the month she’s gonna repair her house, lol.

The workers came, the bad wall coverings were peeled off, and are supposed to be replaced by new tiles. As of this writing, the work is still ongoing. You see where I’m going with this? The sound of tile cutting woke me up! :cry: I tried putting on the headphones, but to no help. I’m sure you know that tiles produce very fine particles when they are cut. For some reason, the workers decided it was best to cut these tiles inside the room. Naturally, the dust added to the already horrible air quality and I had a hard time breathing. Luckily, I have masks because of the so-called pandemic. Putting on mask helped to some extent. But, my hair feels sticky to touch, and it sucks in general.

It seems like bad things are happening only to me. :smirk: On the flipside, the beautiful photos of tiles on the Wikipedia page inspired me to add a new item to my bucket list. I wish that this pandemic ended sooner. I want to go out to the world and travel to places.

Gran Mezquita de Isfahán, Isfahán, Irán, 2016-09-20, DD 31.jpg

I should also say that I’m starting to fall in love with Delhi. I don’t think I’ll like to spend the remainder of my life here, just because of the pollution. I think its people, and the vibe of the city is beautiful, though. That said, I won’t mind living around Chanakyapuri. That’s where the most spacious buildings, footpaths, and peace are. However, that would mean that I gotta hold some high ranking position in the bureaucracy or be an IFS? I think IFS is cool. Okay, I’ll rant about the UPSC exams some other day.

Thanks if you read this far. Come back tomorrow to read about some other random topic. Take care, stay safe, and I hope you get rich. Subscribe to my newsletter if you wish to receive updates when I write something new (tomorrow :P). Okay, bye!

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