“Hilaa ke so ja.” — an age-old adage.

  • You’ll still be one of the toppers. F! No! This is a myth.

  • You’ll have a lot more sex. True.

  • I’ll have a lot more sex. LMAO, no! myth.

  • You’ll fall in love with someone and get married to them. Probably, true.

  • I’ll fall in love with someone and get married to her. LOL, no! myth.

  • Your life is set after joining IITs. Seriously? F! myth.

  • Passion matters. Are you kidding me? This is a fucking myth! Most people will run after companies by the end of their final year.

  • You’ll study 1-2 extra hours for every lecture hour. LMAO, none does this. myth.

  • You’ll still be a sanskari kid. No shit! This is a myth. You’ll probably start rolling joints by the end of the intership drive before your third-year summers.

  • College life would be awesome for you. True.

  • College life would be awesome for me. myth.

  • You’ll hit on someone from DU. A myth.

  • “Apka katega.” True af!

  • You’ll end up watching porn more often than you attempt assignments. True!

  • You’ll start ‘gyaan-chodna’ on Quora. Probably true.

  • Freshers’ night would be awesome. True for everyone but a myth for you.

  • ELS sucks. True.

  • Seniors get crores worth of packages. Welcome to the adult world. It sucks. A myth.

  • People care about free speech, would stand up for what is right. A myth. Everyone just wants to swim in their comfort zone and get a hefty placement package at the end of $4^{th}$ year.

  • Everyone is rational. No. This is a big lie, myth, whatever you want to call it.

  • You’ll make girlfriends and have a great life overall. A myth. Look at the sex ration bruh!

  • You’ll start drinking. True.

  • I’ll start drinking. A lie you tell yourself everyday. A myth.

  • Seniors would be helpful. Meh! Probably true.

  • Most people are smart. Probably a myth. By the time we’re in final year we’d be checking sums using a calculator.

  • People are more mature. myth.

  • If you take up engineering and also expect to meet girls, you’re done fucked up! A myth. I got into Engineering for some reason. Now, every time I see my gradesheet, I get an erection. Have a fun 4 years of engineering.

Does that mean you’re a waste? Not really. You’ll find something else that you’re interested in. Be it movies, video-editing, photography, dance, music and what not. Find something you love while you can, take risks or you can follow the conventional route of “Engineering → MBA → Passion → Death.”

Let me know if there is anything else that I should add. I’ll update the list as I become a little less lazy. Thanks for reading. I know there are countless more, but this is all my coffee-rich brain could think of right now. I wrote everything in one sitting. Isn’t that impressive?

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