Long short-term memory (LSTM) is an artificial recurrent neural network (RNN) architecture used in the field of deep learning. Let’s look at their journey at IIT Kanpur, live the nostalgia and reminiscence with them.

Disclaimer: The views presented below are the LSTM’s and are not in any manner representative of the views of Reang as a human being. This is a fun experiment that he did last night. He scraped all the twenty-four (at the time of this writing) articles from Vox Populi’s website, combined them into a single .txt file and fed it to Torch RNN.

The bold parts are highlighted for emphasis. In Reang’s opinion they are interesting!

That was contentation that the experience of this campus for the trunternations or even if I could getting the second year was the first year, I had something that I did never about what you can be what I can decision in the might semester, it is a part of the second year, I was supposed the course of people the courses, I was some, the first year was in the first year, I was not a good the same people with the campus will be a professors and to be a pirities, and the institute of the comember that I was been it will be an informaties and seem and some of the strength for the second semester with my first year was be the careers on the first unite something and professors with the fact the company in the same being the fact of people to contest of confident with many start the final could my understand of the third year, and hence that the past for the campus in the end of the reason experience to know the future seem and best of the changed that this been a present of the campus.

No one advice as a good and the campus will be a course of my life in the campus for my professors and the time the journey in the students be the second as a few tears on the most of the end of the entire than they end of students as a facultial as the end of the similar day. The person and about better that I went to be this was almost of a series and the professors of something which we have a courses and least of it all the other in the time the seniors that is about it was all the Internet that it is not in life, and the first year second interestingly what they say to be this particially warked to do the changed of the end of my first year was to what I would be this is not was not a few started that I had a research the rest of the same with a strets for my different to be a semester than the problems and made the second that we one landed to be management, and the starture the one better to the world because of my first year, I feel part of the skill people and failure your phy.

“failure your phy.” #PHY103ALivesMatter 🙏

Your campus who have contrast to the course, the second in the first year was the should be a state of the seniors and the second year was the seniors who have a story in the transform to make the campus in the companies to the stress that the same of the courses of the presented and something and story confident for the first year and all the companies to the first year, I was not problems to the campus to the second in the last seniors with the most of the second semester with the second and the companies and the people who was the campus was the company of the course of the same back at the first year and the best of the companies and the second year to have the second year to the first year was a part of the contrast to the list of the same to the most interest in the courses of the first year was the end of the company of the courses and the first semester with the first year was a professor of the campus will be a root to the professors in a started to be the company of the course.

“make the campus in the companies to the stress.” Please don’t make the companies stress!

The courses and some of the campus of the course of the company of the students and the same who have to the campus in the first year was a course of the campus was a few seem to the people who have entering that the companies and the end of my company of the professors in the time the campus in a professors in the first year happened me to the third year. I was a courses and the courses and will be a strength the professors in the first year was the second year that it is a place and the stay to say the same and the first year was what I would have a choices and some of the four years. I was supposed that it is the fact of the seniors of the future that the course that we had a things and the company of the first year second year to the professors and for my mind of the companies that it is a test as a projects and the second semester with sem and always be a stress on the campus because the campus will be a professors and people who have to organize the hope of the control of the campus.

Second year seems like the transformative year for most people. 😝

I was all the long the courses when I was something that the same the second year was the best to the internship with the placements and the most of the problems of find me to my first year, I was a courses that I was been a companies in a strength as a company of the company of the considered me to the end of the same of the final second year than a think that is the companies and least to the realize that I have been a professors and started to be a batch of the end of the course the second year was the confidence of the most of the control body on the companies and some of the first year was the semester and some of the course of the professors to my first year, I was so start to do a start of the second semester as a story of the same of the first year to the council. I started to contest in the control and the first year and the courses of the companies that I was a decisions and started to get in the courses and a company in the courses, but the second me that I was be a state.

Most of the articles must have had mentions of “professors” in some way or the other. Since, the network learnt it very well. No, I did not read all the 24 articles, lol. 😜

Endnote. (In $1^{st}$ person). Be sure to leave comments about the parts that you found interesting. You can also write to me at hi@reangdeba.xyz. Hey! I stayed up all night training the neural net on the CPU, say something nice! 😝 If you liked this article be sure to subscribe to the newsletter. Have a good life, stay safe!

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