What if they get hostile? Well, surely they can’t see me through my mask. Ah, they can see my eyes! Anyway, if they mistake my nationality and get hostile, I’ll show my Aadhaar card; it even has my photo.

That’s one of my thoughts while walking to a Keventers a few hours ago. I walked 2.4 km to the shop and 2.4 km back to where I stay. Of course, nothing happened to me on the way, but there is no way to shut off thoughts, and the above is just one of the random thoughts that came to me. The people here are lovely. They smile at me (confused perhaps) when I show them Tamil translations on Google Translate.

I’ll write down a few more random thoughts in this essay, for none in particular. These thoughts came to me while walking to that Keventers store.

I must warn you, the thoughts are not well-structured. I did my best to recollect and listen to the voice notes I made on the walk. Let’s walk. Shall we?

The thoughts are in double-quotes.

“I wish COVID happened after my graduation. So many kids are posting their Dance Extravaganza stories, I miss IITK so much.” :cry: I am not a good dancer. I performed in front of an audience for the first time during my UG freshers’ orientation. I was hoping to dance during the final year DE with my wingies.

“I will go to NZ some day. Should I do it immediately after my MBA or make a ton of money and then move? Actually, it would be easier if I just went there for my PhD.”

“Oh my god! I hate dogs.” By my count, I encountered about 15 dogs on my way to and from Keventers. Each encounter had the potential for five vaccine doses 1. Clearly, I should have taken the bus. But I love walking, and so I walked.

“I suppose I can live in Chennai if it weren’t so hot and humid. Definitely not living here long-term. Sure, I’d love to take a two-day trip if the company put me up at a fancy hotel.”

“Maybe I should write an essay about loneliness, friendships, and relationships.” Shall I?

“It’s great that I did not fall for any PGP2. I’d have missed them terribly.” Adios! For the uninitiated- The senior batch at IIMA had their convocation recently, and they’ve (most of them) left campus.

“Ujda Chaman khil utha!” I laughed very hard at this. That’s something one of my wingies used to say during UG. I was listening to Outfit by Guru Randhawa from the movie Ujda Chaman. I know that is very random. I warned you!

“Well, that’s a nice car. It even has a photo!” It was indeed a nice car of a prominent politician. The car had s”ort-of a screen” in front. It had the photo of the politician. I’ve seen his posters around, probably a famous guy. “That’s fancy, I can have a similar car if I get elected as an MP from Tripura.”

“Should I ask this guy if he’s from Swiggy and if yes, how much does an order for one from Keventers cost?” I did not, and thank god. He just happened to have a bike helmet with him. I would have sounded silly. Swiggy delivery partners have the Swiggy uniform on.

“I don’t miss IIMA much right now. But I suspect, it is similar to the IITK experience. I’ll start missing it terribly once I leave the campus and everyone posts photos of fests, parties, and the convocation.” Still thinking about this. I guess I’ll just delete Instagram and enjoy as much as I can for the remainder of my time there.


  1. In case you did not know, anti-rabies vaccines are administered using the following schedule:

    1. On the day of the bite
    2. Three days later
    3. On the 7th day
    4. On the 14th day
    5. On the 28th day

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