Hi, I’m your friendly neighborhood guide. After much deliberation with myself, I have decided to start online mentoring. The goal is to help you with your queries so that you may achieve what you set out to achieve.

It is daunting as well as exciting. Daunting because I wish to provide you a value for your money. Exciting because online one-to-one mentorship is new to me. I have answered dozens of emails and direct messages on various subjects, ranging from how to do well in exams to which career path to take.

As I gained more experience and more people started reaching out to me, it has become quite a task to reply individually to each direct message or email. Hence, in the interest of time and to filter out genuine queries, I thought a one-to-one mentoring session made the most sense.

The hope is that a small fee would motivate the mentees to do their research before shooting questions to me, and they would gain much more from these sessions.

Of course, I will not stop writing anytime soon. But my writings do not solely focus on career advice or how to do well in exams. I write whatever, whenever I wish. My essays would never be paywalled. If you need advice on something specific, I suggest booking the one-to-one mentoring session. You can find more info here.

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For suggestions, corrections etc. please send me an email, or reach out on Twitter. Please read this before contacting me.