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Disclaimer. I think IIMA is a magical place. However, like most magic tricks, you lose the excitement when you learn about the inner workings. The essay is purely based on my experiences, and your opinion of certain things I say here might be different, and that’s okay. I’ll still wave at you if I run into you.

This essay is modeled after my Dear IITK essay. I did not think I would write such a post at IIMA, but after spending a year here and with about 80 days left, I felt I should comment on a few things. I Have Questions.

“They are not doing a favour by helping you out. It is your right.” – God 1, 2021.

What’s the point of mask mandates when people on the campus eat in the mess?

I don’t understand it. I heard of a few instances where a few students were warned that they would be kicked out of the classroom if they did not have their masks on. We also receive mask mandate emails every other day. No, I’m not anti-mask or anything. If a professor says they will not teach a class unless everyone is masked up, by all means do. You do not want to be a reason for them falling ill. In fact, I feel that we should mask up because even if we are healthy and boosted, there might be people around us who are immuno-compromised.

But, at this point, a few questions come to mind. Specifically, if everyone can eat in the mess together, without masks on, does it make much sense to impose restrictions in other settings? What about the campus eateries? I don’t think the coronavirus infects people only when they are not eating food. What is more ridiculous is the provision for imposing a ₹1000 fine. That is just cute.

I am not asking to do away with mask mandates, but whoever is coming up with new rules and restrictions should provide a more straightforward explanation about why they have asked us to do certain things. That is something that I found is lacking at IIMA. Most guidelines are issued with the attitude of “yeah, we can, so we will.” And it works because nobody actually questions them. Explaining to students the rationale behind specific regulations would go a long way in terms of them being followed properly.

What is the point of scanning ID cards at the gates?

If you are not aware, the students are required to scan their ID cards at the gate when they leave or enter the campus. I never understood the point of it. And what is more fascinating is that everyone seems to have just accepted it. There are no questions about tracking students’ movements and how that data is used. Someone thought it would be a good idea to track student movements, and bam, everyone just goes along. It is a ridiculous exercise now that COVID-19 cases aren’t spiking. Even when the cases were high, I don’t know how it helped with anything.

What is the point of signing registers while entering girls’ dorms?

This has to be the most ridiculous exercise that exists on campus. I don’t understand why the administration thinks it is of paramount importance that they know which friend I’m going to meet at 2 in the morning, or for that matter, any hour of the day. Some argue that it is for the safety of the girls. Why isn’t there a requirement to enter our names in the register in mixed dorms (where both men and women live)? Doesn’t the safety of those girls matter?

And more importantly, why does anyone think that keeping a record of visitors helps with anything other than knowing who met whom? Sure, it is a great resource to aid gossip during parties, but other than that I don’t see much merit in that. I can actually see who visited whom during which hour of the day. Also, why do they think the girls would need a names-entered-into-a-register kind of protection? If you really wanted to have a record of all visitors, mandate it for every dorm or just do away with the ridiculous practice, LOL.


  1. Mentorship Cell, IIMA. If you know, you know. 

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